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Sydney monorail reaches the end of the line
      September 2012
Waterman Sydney has been appointed as Lead Consultant for the Sydney Monorail Removal Project.

Sydney’s monorail will be pulled down after 25 years of operation as it was generally felt by government that its use-by date had arrived. It was a controversial project that was not integrated with Sydney's wider public transport network and was never truly embraced by the community. Removing the monorail also removes any constraints on the proposed new convention centre development in Darling Harbour.

Waterman will provide Lead consultant, Structural, Civil and Building Services advice in relation to the removal project that includes track, workshops, stations that interact with various CBD buildings and associated make good. Waterman is required to appoint architectural and urban planners as part of the delivery team.

Waterman Sydney Associate Director Godfrey Frederick commented, “It’s a great job for Waterman to have won due to it’s high profile nature, it’s impact on the Sydney skyline and the numerous engineering challenges associated with the removal. It also has a positive impact on future major developments in Darling Harbour”.


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