Waterman Sydney Project Wins Award
      November 2011
A house, which looks like a slimline prefab concrete umbrella stand, has been awarded the World House of the Year at the prestigious 2011 World Architectural Festival award ceremony in Barcelona. Built in Surry Hills, Sydney, the house was assembled in four days from prefabricated concrete wall and floor panels. Inspired by architects in Tokyo, who work with incredibly small spaces this project used every square millimetre of the available plan area of 6 metres x 7 metres.

The house – known as Small House – was credited with its exceptional architectural / interiors features and for presenting a solution to the long-standing issue of urban sprawl. Despite the tiny size of the parcel of land, the house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living, kitchen and dining areas.

Waterman was appointed as structural engineering consultants during the project concept, design and construction phases, off the back of our previous work related to precast construction.

Graeme Deaker, Waterman Director commented:

“In a nut shell, this was a really interesting project for us as the ground conditions were not conducive to simple foundations and there was fill and clay for the first few metres. We needed to pile but with precast walls on the perimeter, getting a pile under the wall and inside the boundary meant loading eccentricity. In order to solve this issue we bored piles just inside the boundary at the corners and placed a diagonal capping beam to pick up the ends of the walls. The walls were stitched together where they joined with cast in and welded plates to enable them to sit square on the ends of the ‘T’ pile cap. Once the piles and ground slab were in place the rest of the structure took less than a week to construct.”

Graeme also commented that “The cantilever stairs were the most fun to design. The stairs consisted of very slim elements that float with seemingly inadequate support.”

Waterman worked with architects Domenic Alvaro and Woods Bagot as well as Baseline Constructions on this award winning project.


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